The Link Between Joy And Hope

During THE 2022 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF we have touched on some very concerning issues…and no, I am not talking about Gary’s baking and it’s impact on surrounding towns in Yorkshire…I am talking about issues that have concerned all of us this year – RISING COSTS and CLIMATE CHANGE. We have been thinking about how we can use our loaf and make choices and changes on a daily basis yet maintain great joy!

But there is a very important link between HOPE and JOY. Please know I do tease Gary, the creator of BEREAVED SINGLE DAD, relentlessly and trust that he knows how much we adore him, but his baking exemplifies the power of HOPE!

Look at this slice of apple pie perfection!!!


The concerns we face today sometimes seem overwhelming, especially when we start to perceive those “in charge” as complete wallies who are more than a currant short of a fruitcake! Sometimes, we may feel like a little ant – powerless in the face of gigantic challenges. But do not lose hope!

Keep doing what is in your power, think about the daily choices you make – little and large that have an impact, set your sights on the kind of earth you want to live in…and even if you seem to have high apple pie hopes…you will reap JOY!


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