Special Guest Poet – Gentleman Dave

A very joyful part of THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF is the privilege we have of sharing with you some of the phenomenal poets who publish their work on WordPress. Creative writers and poets are a huge part of the WordPress community and it a delight to feature them during BAKKE OFF weekend.

During recent years, we have seen some powerful creative work expressing the concerns many of us have about damage being done to our natural habitats and climate.

Our next Special Guest Poet has composed a beautiful poem that touches on our deep desires to see our earth healed of the damage and restored to vibrant health. Please click the link below to visit Gentleman Dave’s site and read the rest of his moving poem. Gentleman Dave, the creator of THE POET’S LOVE LETTER has written:



For though I missed the butterfly and blue jay

And all such things that cause the child to play

The barren earth and withered trees and broken pathway

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