Grateful For The Joy Of Baking

I think it is about time to announce that THE 2022 JOY OF BAKING GRET BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF is most definitely going to be continuing into Monday! The incredible array of baking productions is going to keep our special BAKE OFF Judge Jeanne extremely busy.

Our next blogger I actually started following because she looks identical to one of my cousins Sian – I found it astonishing at first, and I thought perhaps Sian had set up a blog under a different name. May is not Sian, but I am so glad that I found her site. I love her posts, particularly reading about the historic sites she visits and her gratitude journal.

May, the creator of ENDLESS MAY DREAMS, who shares posts on Wellbeing, Culture, Travel and Food, baked this gorgeous Carrot Cake last month:


Jack and I love lots of walnuts on a carrot cake – so May’s photo jumped out at us immediately.

If you are wondering about the musical connection, Jack picked up that May’s post that included her fabulous cake was part of her September Gratitude Journal…so our favourite September song it is!!!


5 thoughts on “Grateful For The Joy Of Baking”

    1. lol – I think the walnuts make us feel healthier for eating cake – and carrot cake – you can’t get more virtuous than that can you! Delicious and nutritious!


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