A Bouquet Of Flours

Jack bought me a gift at the weekend…a gift that will keep giving, I think throughout this winter. I have been so inspired by the baking photographs sent in for this year’s GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF, I told Jack that I particularly wanted to try some of the bread and savoury baking recipes that have been sent in.

So….Jack took the hint…and I do love it when he takes a hint and goes overboard with it. He bought me an array of different flours – four for bread (granary, wholemeal, white and spelt, along with chapati flour, chickpea flour, plain and self-raising flour.

Do you know what that means? Jack is expecting me to bake throughout the winter?!!! No wonder he loves the BAKE OFF so much!

Very very excited now!!! This coming weekend….

15th & 16th October

….and no, it is not too late. Please send in your baking photographs to:



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