My WP Reader Has Gone All Funny

I had a look at WordPress last night…and I noticed the Reader did not look right. It seemed to have expanded unusually. I thought it was just my laptop being stroppy. But I have come home tonight, and well, it is still completely discombobulated.

I have been looking for any posts from other WP users. Has anybody else noticed their Reader has changed appearance? Or is it just mine playing games with me?

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33 thoughts on “My WP Reader Has Gone All Funny”

  1. 🙂 As a matter of fact, I have.

    I noticed that the look of the WordPress Reader had changed two days ago (It is only noticeable on computers).

    The width of the feed of the WordPress Reader is actually narrower.

    And, the fonts and the icons have changed.

    This is WordPress’s way of changing the way things look.

    Do keep in mind, that they changed the appearance of the dashboard a few years ago.

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    1. Because I do so much of my reading and commenting in the Reader, I noticed the difference immediately. I suppose it is just something to get used to, but I wonder why they thought it needed changing. I am sort of the opinion “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The appearance before seemed a lot cleaner and easier.

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    1. I am going to have to get used to it too Robbie. I thought it was just my laptop being weird at first, so I am sort of relieved to hear it’s not just mine WP Reader that has changed.

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    1. You are right. Probably the worst change putting really revolting pictures on my posts. It is like some sort of sick joke. Did some people sit in a room and talk about the ugliest possible pictures to add to the bottom of posts and call them “sponsored content”? It’s just not cricket.

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        1. I think if we pay they take the disgusting pictures away. I have tried too put it out of my mind as 99% of my reading (even my own posts) is in WP Reader.


    1. Mine has shrunk one way and expanded the other. So now rather than a rectangle for each post, there is a big square. I think before I saw three and a half posts on my screen in the Reader, now I see just one and a half.

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  2. Yes, they changed a number of things and implemented those changes on Tuesday. They’ve made the list of posts narrower because they’re planning on adding a new sidebar on the right-hand side of the Reader screen, but that’s not ready to roll out yet.

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  3. When you asked me, mine looked fine, but as soon as I refreshed the browser, it went all funny too. It seems rather a silly change, but most changes are small but silly. It’s the large but horrific changes that bother me more.

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