Easy Tiger!

Jack is a very clever man – he is an exceptional linguist. He is very capable in so many ways, very knowledgeable and experienced. He is calm in a crisis and has a dynamic mind that come up with solutions to all sorts of challenges.

So I do wonder why it all goes up in smoke when he enters the kitchen. This time it was the mushrooms that went up in smoke. The kitchen just seems to scramble his brain. He suddenly starts to panic and become hazardous.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I love him very much and I am super proud of him, but for his safety and for the sake of my little nest, I am not going to allow him to bake or cook without supervision.

The good news….eventually….Jack was very pleased when his bake for the 2022 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF came out of the oven. I am super pleased for him.


16 thoughts on “Easy Tiger!”

    1. I am making scones for the BAKE OFF, my very very late scone creation. I missed International Scone week this year because my job has sucked up all time and energy from me. I am in the process of changing jobs, and it has given me a spurt of energy to work along with Jeanne and Gary on the BAKE OFF. Before now, I was just to shattered to attempt anything like this.

      Jack is definitely one of those men who is not safe alone in the kitchen.

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      1. Forgiven not forgotten. We agreed that rather than replacing the flutes we were content with his pledge not to try to help out in our kitchen again. You would be wise to heed our example to avoid injury or loss of property.


        1. Speechless! :O I am laughing, but I should not be. Robert, I am with Jack and will have to show him your comment at some point. He has been in a meeting for over an hour.

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            1. Yes, well in that sense Jack and I have the same situation. He is always welcome at my nest if he sticks to the agreed terms. I love it!

              But seriously, wait until you see his pie. It was a big success. I am very pleased for him. He owes me a frying pan though.

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              1. Ah – you are already suffering damage to property. In that case, my advice is to use a solicitor to draw up those terms in a binding legal document. He is much more likely to act with restraint if he knows he could face legal penalties for non-compliance.


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