Two Weeks To Go…


15th & 16th October 2022

Thank you to all those who have sent in photographs of bakes past and present that they would like to be featured in the BAKE OFF. There is still time to send in your photos.

Today, we are going to re-cap this year’s special themes and give you some clues about what you can expect in two week’s time. This year’s BAKE OFF has the theme:

The Joy Of Baking

For many 2022 has been a year of multiplying anxieties and concerns. So we are featuring three areas this year that can help us to embrace the joy of baking in a way that works for our budget and is kind to our beautiful planet. These three baking features are:

During the BAKE OFF weekend, we will be sharing some heartwarming examples and experiences from WordPress users who have some wonderful insights to share.

The BAKE OFF weekend is taking shape – and so far it is packed with everything that WordPress delights us with on a daily basis – we have poetry, we have flash fiction, we have real life experiences, we have music, and we have lots and lots and lots of baking!!!

We would love you to be a part of THE 2022 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below or send an email. And of course…please do send in photos of any bake you would like to be included in the BAKE OFF to…


13 thoughts on “Two Weeks To Go…”

  1. I ran out of time this weekend Mel, but there is a recipe I want to make and send into you. Otherwise, I might send an older baking photograph if you don’t mind.


  2. Ohhh that looks delicious even by those photos, I cant wait to see how it is on the actual bake off! Do update on the 15th & 16th!


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