A New Biscuit In My Tin

I think it is safe to say that I have always had a weakness for biscuits. When I was four years old, I started to learn how to swim. It took my two whole years before I was finally able to swim the five metre width of the local public pool independently, without any flotation devices or an instructor holding onto me to stop me from panicking and drowning.

But by the time I was seven, I was a champion swimmer, already representing my school (which meant competing against ten year olds). We used to go swimming three times a week, and we would swim up and down, up and down for hours.

It was around that time when I discovered a type of fuel that seemed to make me swim faster – coffee and biscuits. After dunking them into my sweet creamy coffee, I would devour five or six biscuits. Mumma quite rightly was concerned about this indulgence, which I believed was the source of my super-speedy-swimming prowess.

But it is since that time that I have had a partiality for biscuits of all types. But as I know the wisdom of the safe adage “once on the lips forever on the hips”, I just don’t eat them. I avoid them at all costs.

Well, this summer a friend of ours gave us something ridiculously yummy…and it has enabled me to find a new biscuit, one that I can see is going to be impossible to resist. She made dairy-free ice-cream sandwiches. The ice-cream was layered between butter crisps. Butter crisps – where have you been all of my life? More yummy than I thought a biscuit could be!!!

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Pexels.com