Happy Dappy Thoughts

Being in love with someone…it can make you incredibly ditzy and dappy. Sensible people would look at you and see how silly and soppy you are being. How unbalanced and unrealistic, how foolish and hasty you are being.

Yet…we do fall in love…and it is the most exciting whirlwind of wonder. The happy dappy thoughts, the fuzzy cuddly memories, the glow, the ecstatic glow that there is a someone out there who has had the same incredible and ridiculous and magnificent reaction…yes, they have fallen in love with you.

Aaaah – love can be so intoxicating!


7 thoughts on “Happy Dappy Thoughts”

  1. Caramel–I happened across your Greenland article, then starting reading some more of your blogs. Now I am very curious about you–I feel as if I am not in on the secrets everyone else seems to know. So, I am asking questions, which of course–if I’m not supposed to know, I can handle the great disappointment. 🙂 So—you refer to Jack as a celebrity—can you tell me who he is, (and all the rest of your readers)? Are you also a celebrity? Can you reveal your identity? Also–congrats on your upcoming wedding!! Much happiness to you both!!


    1. Jack had a career on stage and screen which he gave up in order to work for charities he was passionate about. I am an anonymous blogger and am very careful not to drop clues that would make life difficult for us. Thank you for your kind wishes though. We have had a very rough journey, but it is very wonderful now. So looking forward to being able to enjoy the rest of forever and put the pain behind us. Writing has been very good for me. 🙂

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