Plying Me With Wine In An Effort To Loosen My Tongue

I have been super-duper secretive about our wedding. People ask me endlessly annoying questions. The only way I have been able to cope with it…is to play a little game. Jack plays it too, only he is better than I am.

I tell people I am going to wear a purple and orange dress and dye my hair green for the wedding. I tell them we are going have a week-long wedding, with a different them on each day. I tell them we are not going to have flowers, we are going to have bunting and fairy lights.

Jack…well, he has added all sorts of elaborate and ridiculous details – the ten foot tall chocolate waterfall is my current favourite.

One of my friends invited me round to her home last night and tried to ply me with wine to get me to share all. So…I did. I told her straight….

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Our wedding is essentially family only (because just with family we have 250 guests) and a very small select group of friends who have influenced and inspired us. Everyone who has been invited to our wedding has received a save the date card. Those who do not live near the location have been told the county the wedding will be in and Jack has asked his best man to coordinate accommodation for anyone who needs it.

Other than that…nobody needs to know where and when. We have two ladies with court injunctions prohibiting them from hanging around Jack and his family. We have strangers who do not know us but do follow Jack on social media.

Our security and being able to enjoy our wedding day without anything frightful happening is the reason why we are not answering all of the questions people ask. It’s no big deal. It’s just one day. One day. I would like it to go smoothly.