Earth Please Open Up And Swallow Me Whole!

Have you ever had one of those moments??? I seem to have had more than my fair share of them – well, in my opinion. Yesterday, I said something so embarrassing during one of my interviews…and although part of me is sort of laughing about it…I am also wondering what on earth I was thinking of when I opened my mouth and out came one of my most cringe-worthy confessions!!!!

Despite not feeling nervous yesterday, I seemed determined to lower their expectations of me. Bizarrely, I started to confess all and make fun of myself. Weird!!! I don’t know what they thought of me!

It is alright. My TOM had arrived, I was slightly shattered after another hectic weekend, and yet I was in fine spirits with the lovely warm sunny day. I enjoyed the interviews. Everyone I met was lovely, very likeable. Now, there is nothing to do except wait and see!

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