Dreaming Day And Night

I realized about two or weeks after I started my job back in February that I did not and do not belong in a corporate setting. But I have had to stick it out. As I have past the six month mark now, I have started applying for other jobs and have interviews lined up. (I don’t want to think about them right now.)

I have had to resort to “coping” mechanisms to endure what has been a dreary drudge of a job, trapped in an office with some very unpalatable personalities. Since I returned to exploring Annabelle Riley’s story, I have found it easier to survive a day in the battery farm (ie. the office).

It is especially on the commute to work that I find myself daydreaming. It is helpful…I sometimes find myself thinking at work, “I wonder what Annabelle would think of that?” Or, “I wonder how Dean would reply if someone said that to him!”

My other time to day-dream is at night. I snuggle up in bed and immediately my thoughts return to Manhattan. The only problem is that I am often so tired, my dreaming does not last long and I am soon fast asleep.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com