A Clean Earth – Will You Live On It?

The earth is a beautiful, stunning gem – a planet teaming with life. It is the most wonderful gift – the perfect home. We are blessed with colours, scents, flavours, sounds and textures that delight our senses.

Thousands of years of history, every form of rulership or government has been tried, and the results are undeniable. Mankind is not qualified or capable of caring for this priceless trust on their own.

That does not change the purpose of the one who created it. This earth will be the wonderful home – clean, lush and spectacular – to a clean, healthy and thriving population of humans, who will care for their trust with joy.

I should not really say this…it is not the kindest way of stating the obvious – but if you don’t want to live on a clean earth, please feel free to join the latest moon or Mars program.

Photo by Fabian Wiktor on Pexels.com