You Guessed Right!!!

Well…some of you did…sort of…halfway there at least.

Yes…yes…the answer is New York, or more specifically Manhattan. But I am not physically there. Let me explain.

You may have detected over the past few months that I have had moments when the unfulfilling paid job I have, and the very fulfilling but also very very busy unpaid work I do has contributed to me feeling tired.

I have written about it at times. I also received some lovely suggestions from other bloggers and writers on how to switch off to all that has been on my mind. Paula Light made the suggestion at one stage “write another book”. I loved that suggestion, but realistically that is not in the pipeline right now. I am still editing my first three and polishing up the dialogue and descriptions, and eliminating every single grammatical error.

But I thought to myself…I can still write shorter fictional pieces. There is something I have wanted to write about for some time, and while Jack is away (he is South East Asia at the moment) I realized I allow myself the luxury of letting my mind wander.

So…I am finally letting myself work out Annabelle Riley’s time in New York….

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….after Dean and her break up…how dark her thoughts turn for the few months she is alone, how she met Robin, why she fell for him so quickly and so completely, how Robin reacted to this gorgeous caramel blonde who is ten years younger than him, working for a major record label and living in a stunning apartment.

In my head…I am in Manhatten. I am having so much fun! The conversations between Annabelle and Robin, the places they go, the fun they have, the food they eat, the people they meet. I forgot how enjoyable it is to imagine your characters as they grow and adventure.