What Is My Motivation?

If you ask people what they want out of their job – many would simply say (perhaps not to their manager) that they just want to do their work and have their wages paid so they can afford to live – pay the bills, buy food etc – and not have too much stress along the way, They hope for pleasant workmates they can enjoy spending hours of daytime with.

But I have the feeling that beyond that basic motivation, there are some who have aspirations, ambitions, a career path they are eager to pursue.

My main motivation when it comes to paid work is being able to pay my rent and buy food. I have zero aspirations or ambitions. Quite the opposite in fact. Yet in every single paid job I have been in, I always end up giving feely of my time, energy and resources beyond my contracted hours, job description or the company policies.

I have given vast amounts of unpaid time to secular employers. I have taken on work that was well above my paygrade because I knew how to do it and how to do it well. I have donated stationery, cleaning equipment, balloons and decorations for special events. I have produced training manuals that were not in existence before I arrived.

There is only one reason why I have done all these things – simple kindness.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

I think sometimes what I do is misread by others. No, no, I am not interested in any promotions or career ladders, and I do wish people would understand that. There is some pity in my motivation. Very few secular organizations are organized enough not to need people who are willing to go the extra mile in all sorts of areas. But essentially, I want to make sure that work is done and lighten the burden on others. There is no other motivation.


7 thoughts on “What Is My Motivation?”

  1. Robert has just repeated his idea of you being his assistant. You can choose your hours, and he will double whatever you are getting now (he actually said triple it Mel but you can barter with him). Don’t stay in a job you are not enjoying. You are well qualified and experienced and very clever – you just need to be more decisive.

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  2. I think some companies and their top managers are total psychos. They seem to want everyone else to climb onboard their mad merry-go-round. When actually everyone is looking at them and thinking they are nutters.

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