I Crossed Paths With A Man I Did Not Know…But He Knew Who I Was

I was on my way back to my abode the other night and my route took me along a pedestrian diversion of sorts. Barriers had been placed so that we had to walk in the road because the pavement has been dug up. There is a section of the diverted route where only one person can walk, so I held back and waited to allow a group walking towards me to clear the narrow section first. But completely oblivious, a bloke pushed past me and ended up pretty much colliding with this group.

Anyway, the group were clearly in a merry mood because they laughed off what that man did, and they all said thank you to me. But as I resumed my trek uphill, one of the group, a man in his thirties turned around and called out to me, “It’s you, isn’t it? I thought I recognised you.”

I was a little thrown at first…because…well…of course it was me. But who did he think I was? I smiled nervously, frozen in that I was not going to supply any details to him. I was super-scared that he identified me as that blonde who is sometimes with Jack. Jack often has strangers wandering up to him and babbling about their admiration, but it does not happen to me when I am on my own – THANK GOODNESS!!!

If it did happen…I would be as prickly as a pineapple!

Photo by Miesha Renae Maiden on Pexels.com

This cahp paused for a moment and said, “You were on stage at the London Arena a few years ago. I remember what you said about choosing a life that reflects what you believe rather than being squeezed into a mold by the commercial system.”

Wow! I mean wow! He really did recognise me. Yes, I did speak from the heart about how much of fight it seemed throughout my youth not to be squeezed into a mold. I did speak about the choices I have made, the blessings I have enjoyed, the superior education I have gained through volunteering.

That was more than a few years ago though. London Arena – that must be eight years ago. How on earth he remembered me is bewildering. But it was also heart-warming. So….we ended up having a little chat. He told me that after hearing my comments, he left a well-paid job and travelled overseas and ended up doing relief work after natural disasters. He told me he felt as if he was really living and not just existing.

After we parted, I only had five more minutes to walk until I arrived at my little nest. I had tears streaming down my face though. It felt like such an honour. I have been begrudging the situation I am in right now….but I know it is temporary. I have never doubted the decisions I made in my youth. The commercial, corporate, political-economic system has not been able to get it’s claws into me. I have lived on a part-time wage for all these years and thrived, yes – thrived – because I was sustained my more than anything money can buy.

I am actually grateful to have crossed paths with that man. He reminded me of what makes my heart beat with passion. His words were just what I needed to hear.