Whispers After Midnight

Recently, I stayed over at the home of a friend with two children who seem to find it very hard to sleep in the warm weather.

My friend and I had so much to talk about, but her little ones kept on creeping down the stairs asking for something to eat or for their mummy’s phone so they could watch a video or play a game. So she kept on having to ascent the stairs again and help her children to settle down, while I was left in charge of the bottle of wine.

We had so much to talk about…one of those great friends who I have not seen for ages…before the Pandemic…and we just had so much to catch up on, and laugh about.

It ended up being whispers after midnight, with a bottle of “Whispering Angel” rose. Oh how I do love being able to see friends again!


6 thoughts on “Whispers After Midnight”

    1. Absolutely!!! All my most precious memories are times with friends and family. I sometimes don’t remember where we were or what we were doing, but I remember the smiles and the laughter.


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