Missing Him Before He Has Even Left

I have been very unreliable this week with not just my WordPress blogging, but just about everything else. I am blaming Jack. I am just jealous over every moment I can spend with him. I love just being in the same room as him…it is wonderful.

He is off again – on his travels.

It is hard. I don’t want to complain. But it is hard.

8 thoughts on “Missing Him Before He Has Even Left”

    1. Yep….they stopped almost all travel during the Pandemic…except some emergency situations which the government did not restrict. But these are visits to areas we have had teams working very hard, with lots of relief work going on. He has also visited a few locations where there are just some complex issues to resolve and decisions to be made about resources and legalities. But along the way, he gets to meet lots and lots and lots of volunteers and other people.

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