Feeling The Pinch?

I am! Perhaps you are too. I am pleased as punch with myself this week though. I started rooting around the back of my cupboards and I found a packet of dry beans with an expiry date of September 2022. It is actually a mix of ten different kinds of beans. Jack took a photo for me and put it on his Instagram account asking what we could do with them.

Within an hour we had several responses – and the overwhelming shout was “chilli”!!! It is ages since I made a chilli. I asked a friend of mine if she had any recipes, and she told me that one of her most budget friendly recipes, ideal for mass catering, is a vegan ten bean chilli. Whoop whoop!!! Music to my ears!

She emailed the recipe over to me and I have everything in the recipe except the chipotle chilli paste….well I have onions, peppers, garlic, veggie stock cubes, rosemary, and coincidentally, the three tins of chopped tomatoes I had in my cupboard also expire in September 2022!…oh the recipe says to use vegan chorizo but I am not sure where I will find that. They probably have something in the supermarkets, there is so much choice for vegans nowadays.

I am seriously excited by this!! I will find some chipotle chilli paste tomorrow, and then I will make this apparently vast batch of chilli – and therefore, I will not be anxious about my pennies over the next week or so.