Do You Believe In Happy Endings?

I was talking about happy endings with a friend the other day. We both agree that we would be very disappointed in a book that did not have a happy ending.

I have read books like that in the past, and I ached and grieved afterwards and I suddenly decided I don’t want to be put through that misery any more by other writers. I don’t mind an arduous grueling journey, so long as the destination makes it all worthwhile.

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I have lived every day of my life knowing that the painful, stressful, turbulent voyage that we are currently experiencing will give way to a wonderfully happy ending. But this bit right now…I have to admit, I would love to skip a few pages, even a few chapters…I am longing for the climax. I will not grieve the corrupt, greedy, callous system.

9 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Happy Endings?”

    1. Even with the classics, there are some books I don’t ever want to read again because they didn’t make sure their characters had a happy ending. I only want to read books where after the hardship, the reward comes.

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    1. It’s the only way sometimes you can grit your teeth and crack on – knowing that the ending is going to be so good that the horrors will fade into the back of our memories.

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