Help! Nothing Is Working!

Since I returned from holiday, it appears that everything is either broken or everyone is on strike. Yes, yes, I am perhaps over-dramatizing the situation but it does feel a little bit that way.

We had huge problems at work – technology wise and have lost a lot of time due to the interruptions. I have had my commute made more arduous due to strikes. The light in my bathroom is flickering like there is no tomorrow. But the straw that threatened to break me today was when my basic mobile phone was not connecting to any service.

To make matters worse, an advisor looked at my phone and told me I had been disconnected from the network and I had lost my phone number and it was irrecoverable (apparently because I do not top-up often enough). They told me to ring Customer Services – which I did – but to my dismay I did not seem to be getting anywhere. When the phone advisor told me there was nothing he could do for me, I asked if I could speak to his manager. He put me on hold for ten minutes and then told me that actually there was a problem with the service in my area and my phone would be fine by this evening. I am hoping that by the time I wake up that is true, because so far my phone is still lifeless.

I just wish there was a helpline I could ring to say, “nothing is working”. Or do you think we could go back to basics and scrap all this rubbishy technology that keeps on breaking?

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