Itchy Itchy Ouch!

I have to be careful in the sun. I avoided the 40 degree sunshine altogether, preferring to remain cocooned inside my little nest. But the weekend before and the week since that extreme heat, I have had to be outside a bit.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on

Despite applying plenty of sunblock, sticking to the shade and dressing sensibly, I still managed to catch the sun a little. A wide brimmed hat protected my face, but my arms ended up rather sun-kissed – and they turned a sort of pale honey colour. My arms have not burnt, but after a few days they were a little itchy, probably due to my skin being too dry.

But this Sunday there was a lovely breeze, and it just did not feel very hot….so perhaps I was a little lax in applying the sunblock. The result is burnt shoulders, and they actually hurt. Ouch ouch ouch!