Walk It Off

I had a bit of a moment over the weekend. I was told some news…really sad news…about a group of people we have been supporting and a political decision that has worked out adversely in their case. I think due to how hectic my schedule has been and not having Jack to balance me out (because that is what he does) I went into a bit of a meltdown. I just felt so much outrage, prompted by love for those people, and bafflement that political eed-yats can dash the hopes of people who are so lovable, humble, honest and hard-working.

Essentially their lives are going to be harder now. Well…that just made me feel mad. I had a mighty big whinge. Very correctly, one of the gentlemen I work with tried to ask me a few questions to reign in my fury. I was only seeing red. So, he directly advised me that I ought to walk it off.

So I did.

I walked for two whole hours, and it was good for me. I cried for the first half an hour, tears of empathy for those dear people who are not being cared for the way they ought to be. But then I started to think of all the miracles I have seen, and the acts of generosity and compassion from people with means when things moved their heart.

In all my years as a volunteer, I have seen far more wonderful than I have ever seen calamity. I have seen impossible mountainlike obstacles melt away like sugar-cubes. By the end of my walk, I was calmer and my conviction had returned.

Sometimes walking it off really helps.

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com