All The Fun Of The Fair

I had to blame games yesterday (all in the name of paid work work). The main advantage of the day was that I was home almost two hours earlier than normal…which meant I could catch up on the very long list of very important (non-paid) work tasks which I have to see to.

When I first realized we were going to have a games day, I have to admit that I did think to myself, do they have any idea of how much I need to accomplish in a very limited time? But the games day was an easy-going distraction and I met some interesting people, and also recognised some of the volunteers I have worked with on projects. I also recognized a couple of “service-users”, but of course I did not indicate I knew about their situation.

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Anyway, it is all sort of sweet in some ways. I did find the loss of time frustrating. But maybe that is because the organization I work for is so much more immense than the corporate organization I do some paid work for. It is sometimes hard to feel enthusiastic about commercial entities who are not really as prepared for the major changes that are soon to come. Whereas, for decades, we have been training people and preparing…and now, we are even rolling out training with the next few centuries in mind. It is deeply exciting.