Hide Me

So…I thought my two weeks away from the big smoky choke were eventful, but to come back to London and find that there is carnival in the cement mixer (odd metaphor conveying the goings on at Westminster).

Do you ever have that feeling after coming back from a “holiday” of wishing you could take another holiday to recover…and a gentle introduction back to the fast paced life you lead?

Well…I have had to get right back to the grindstone. In every thing I do, the people who were covering my holiday were not able to do what was asked. So, it is looking like I am going to be playing catch up for some time.

I do sort of want to find a remote chalet – at in this sweltering heat, I am imagining a snowy hideaway – and hide away from the sinking ship (the political system) and from all technology (simply so that nobody can allocate more work to me).

It was nice to be away…it was wonderful to see my family…but now I am wondering how I will get through the rest of the week. It all seems too much right now.

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com