Breathe Deeply Daydreamer

A while back I had a rather strange and very strained conversation with a colleague. Just before I explain what happened, can I ask you something…?

Do you believe that this world political-economic system can last? or even should last? Do you put your trust in it?

During a conversation with my colleague, it transpired that they feel I am a fool, a daydreamer, a lost cause because since I was sixteen I have chosen to invest my time and energy in things that I feel are much more likely to last and survive than is anything the commercial world can offer. Whereas my colleague has been investing in the world of property, shares, belongings.

The decisions I made at sixteen – they were the wise decisions. With every year that passes I am more convinced of that. I have not been daydreaming…but I have been dreaming of a much much better way of life on planet earth. But my dreams of a world full of love, goodness, kindness and true justice – they have influenced my decisions now.

With every breath in my being…I am longing for the corrupt, unjust, and harmful to pass away. Why would I invest in it?

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