It’s All A Bit Creepy For Me

It may seem odd in this day and age, but social media really creeps me out. I have written about this before, but it still gets to me. I noticed an email in my inbox last night, from a friend who I have not heard from in years.

That was nice.

But as I read her email, she indicated that she had seen me in a photo and noticed I was mentioned by another friend on a Instagram post. Apparently some sort of throw back picture.

That sort of freaked me out.

Even if you take many pains and beg all your friends and associates not to publish anything about you on social media, it seems to be impossible to eliminate pictures and information about you being published in the public domain.

That might be ok for most people…but it unnerves me.

Jack and I have had numerous discussions about social media. He respects my feelings about it, but he has pointed out to me that you cannot completely control all personal information – people think of you, talk about you, thoughtlessly pass on sensitive information about you across the dinner table, in a pub, at a party…none of us really have any idea how often other people talk about us. Hopefully much of what is said is good, but I guess we all know that some may have a negative view of us, or a embarrassing detail or story to share.

Once burnt (although it was near fatal first degree burns in my case) twice shy (although I am admittedly more than shy – I am super scared!)