All Quiched Out

I am feeling a little ill – and I am blaming it on an excessive amount of quiche. It is one of those ideal summer picnic foodie items that makes an appearance when there is a large gathering. It is often the only vegetarian option on the table.

But you really can have too much of a good thing. Right now I am feeling as if I never want to see quiche ever again in my life.

Photo by Rozemarijn van Kampen on

7 thoughts on “All Quiched Out”

    1. I am going to make dinner tomorrow – a vegetable and lentil casserole with potato dauphinoise. Then we have a family day on Saturday with a Mexican theme – so there should be lots of vegetarian options.

      I don’t think I am fussy generally, but I do need some variety – I cannot end up eating the same thing day after day or I start to dread eating.

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