Blogging Interactions

How do you address those who read the posts you publish on your blog? Some of them may know you in real life, others may be complete strangers. Some of them perhaps randomly stumble across your blog and never return, others stick with you as you stick with them and friendly feelings grow as you share your thoughts/feelings, your creativity and all sorts of other interesting things.

I don’t think I start any of my posts with an adress of any kind. I just start writing, I have seen others start a post with expressions like “Good Morning Friends”…or “Dear Fellow Bloggers”…or “Hello World”. None of these bother me, and in a way they are quite sweet. But the other day, I was tired, and hot and sweaty, and a little grumpy because Jack had left for his flight….and I read a post from a blogger I was following who had started their post with the following:

“Hello Fans”

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…and it really irritated me. Perhaps that is because I have such a massive dislike of “celebrity culture”. Anyway…in my opinion, that is no way to start a blog post.

14 thoughts on “Blogging Interactions”

  1. I enjoy chatting with commenters on my posts. It really adds a dimension to my articles which I never thought of before. Conversely, I enjoy chatting with others on their blogs too, like I’m doing now.

    But when it comes to addressing them in the blog posts themselves? I don’t, really. But I use a lot of ‘you’s.

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  2. I love the interactions with people who comment, it’s part of what makes blogging so interesting and fun, though I don’t know that I’d call them ‘fans.’ )

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  3. Being that my posts are usually stories I don’t address my readers, besides saying “Happy Tuesday!” on my quotes day.
    Chatting with my commenters and on other blogs is my favorite part of blogging. I see them as friends, not my fans, yes that is strange.

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