Just Keep Running!

Do you ever feel as if you are running and running and running – but not getting anywhere? That old hamster wheel or treadmill feeling – the old going through the motions sensation.

I find the whole system under current governments rather like that. We work and work and work, we run and run and run…and do things stay the same? It seems that actually things get worse, not better.

It’s a kind of rubbish hamster wheel/treadmill really.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I am quite good at keeping myself motivated end enduring this yucky system. I am enduring because I see the end. I see that it will not last, and the end will come.

The ideas I am hearing in the news espoused by leading political figures make me feel sick to the heart. I obey the laws they make, I pay my taxes, but I will be very relieved when corrupt, callous and cruel figures of authority are redundant. When haughty, horrible and horrid attitudes are buried.

This running….this constant running….I do see why it is important…

 “If you get tired running with footmen,How can you run a race against horses?”

Jer 12:5

The race to the finish line is in progress…endurance is vital!!!