Working Girl Footwear

When I was a kiddo, I remember my Dad liking a film with Melanie Griffiths and Harrison Ford called “Working Girl“. One of the memories of that film that has stuck with me for many years is the footwear of the women on their commute to work, which of course they change when they reach the office.

The first ten years of my paid employment was in offices, and back then I was too vain or self-conscious to wear comfy shoes on the half-hour walk to work. No, for some crazy reason, I wore my uncomfortable office shoes – silly hey!!!

Nowadays, I am much practical and sensible (well, I like to think so!) and so I wear my comfy trainers on the way to work, and then change into something smarter when I reach the office.

But this whole footwear aspect of my day has brought back to my mind the memory of the film “Working Girl“, and I think that is why so often on my way to work a song floods my mind and I start singing…