Preparing For Another Epic Journey

So, I am very soon going to be heading off on a holiday to see family. Prior to that Jack is heading overseas and he will be away for most of the summer =(

I booked my train ticket almost a month ago. Now I find out that there is going to be a walk out on the day I am supposed to be catching the train across the country.

Relatives have offered to drive down here and pick me up and take me back – but what a crazy solution that is. Jack has posted a message on his WhatsApp groups asking if anyone is driving up north that weekend and could squeeze me and a huge suitcase into their car. But I am not one to leave things to chance. So, I have bought myself a Plan B coach ticket just in case this rail dispute cannot be resolved before my holiday.

Only….my coach ticket departs at midnight and I arrive at six o’clock in the morning at my destination. My goodness…I am dreading this epic journey across the country.

I used to do crazy things like this all the time in my teenies and twenties. But now it is all a bit daunting.


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