What To Do With Fish Balls?

I have been vegetarian since I was six years old. I do remember fish fingers vaguely, but other than that I have never eaten fish. I have some visitors coming to stay over at the weekend – and although I have other dishes planned (vegetaria dishes), I have a packet of fish balls that Jack left and they need eating before 18th June,

So, I am trying to figure out what to do with them. I had an idea of using them to make fish tacos??? I don’t know if they would work. I just wondered if any of you have any experience with fish balls and perhaps some suggestions for how they could be used to make a meal.

I would love some help with these fish balls!!!

7 thoughts on “What To Do With Fish Balls?”

  1. Small fish balls eh? At first I thought you meant fish eggs like caviar until I opened it up and saw the picture. They might be like fish cakes and you serve could them with eggs and beans for breakfast.


  2. I’m afraid I’m no help as my husband and I are both vegetarian. We have neither meat or fish in our house except when the hedgehogs had babies and we supplied cat food for them. Really couldn’t stand having that in my fridge either but needs must!


    1. I have been vegetarian since I was six. What I really could not cope with is any meat that is clearly identifiable in my fridge. Whereas some meat / fish products don’t have any resemblance to remind me of what they are. I don’t mind feeding Jack or my friends those unidentifiable types of meat or fish.


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