Dad’s Music Collection

Amongst my fondest memories of childhood are those evenings when Dad wanted to share his music collection with me. My Dad’s love of music had a big effect on me. He is a Liverpudlian, and like lots of other men his age, he went along to The Cavern when he was a young man. But my Dad liked a wide range of music, and passed that diverse taste on to me.

He had a record player, but there was something wrong with the speakers…and there was something wrong with the connection that the headphones plugged in to.

In order to allow me to listen to a record, Dad would have to hold the connection in. If he let go, the sound cut. My own personal favourite was Dad’s record of The Sound Of Music soundtrack, Dad would hold that connection in to allow me to sing along to the entire score! Dad loved a Barbara Dickson album and there are two other songs that I distinctively remember, “End Of The World” and “Drift Away”. Oh my!! Loved loved loved the emotion in those songs.

I would sing along to the words and every time I would pack in more emotion and drama – yes, I had all the makings of a Karaoke Queen at a very young age! I guess it perhaps explains why I fell in to the turmoil of an emotional drama too!!! Yes…it is all Dadda’s fault!