After The Trauma…The Treats Arrive

One of the most traumatic experiences in mundane life…is having a bra fitting. The Pandemic seemed to suspend bra fitting services for a long time, so I put up with older bras, and bought a couple of bras online that were the same size I was used to wearing.

But I knew things were not quite right. So…a few weeks ago….off I went for a professional bra fitting – and yes, it was as awful as ever, but the result – a perfectly fitting bra.

Photo by Castorly Stock on

And…well, Jack noticed the difference. With his newfound knowledge of my up-to-date measurements, he decided that he would make a rather raise your eye brows purchase.

Jack buying me lingerie! I have to pinch myself. Seven years ago….what am I saying?…three years ago!!!…Jack and I were not on speaking terms. Now we are arguing about where to have our wedding reception.

The trauma…the trauma that awful time…it has passed…the celebration of Jack and me is a wonderful treat I want to linger in always.

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