The Big Spring Clean

Due to having been particularly busy these past few months, my annual big spring clean has been postponed until this coming weekend.

The annual big spring clean is pretty exciting. It is a chance to empty every drawer, every cupboard, and then to make arrangements for anything not used or worn in the past twelve months to disappear from my nest and my life.

It is an opportunity to thoroughly clean all of those hard to reach places. Fridge freezer are emptied and defrosted. Oven is cleaned to it is sparkly like when it was new. Furniture is all hoovered – which I do every three months actually, all of the wooden blinds are thoroughly dusted and wiped (which I do at least every six months).

It is the most super duper intensely thorough clean…..


Oh…that reminds me…I need to take the duvet to the laundrette. I still have the winter duvet on my bed. But now at last, I think it is time to swap over to the summer duvet – don’t you think?

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4 thoughts on “The Big Spring Clean”

  1. I don’t like spring cleaning but I do like the result, so I grin and bear it. Good on you for enjoying it.
    I had to guess at your nationality recently, Brit or Aussie. The summer duvet cleared that up. Thanks. Now I have to go clean some house, yard too. Have a good one.


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