I Am Nervy-Wervy This Morning

I am nervous….perhaps more than nervous…perhaps scaredy-waredy. My head – it feels like there is a percussion ensemble inside my skull bellowing around.

I don’t understand what has kicked off these headaches – but the blancmange within my bony skull is clearly being pummelled in some way. Only it is all on the right side…the side where I received most of my injuries.

Side-splitting ache. Hard to think. Hard to drink. Hard to eat. Hard to walk. How do I get myself to work in one piece?

Photo by Pierre Blachu00e9 on Pexels.com

The reason I am nervous is having to undertake the great London commute. I don’t understand why I am still going into the office so much. I feel like such a mug.

Aaah – I need to get myself moving. Jack keeps on telling me not to be a martyr, or if I feel wobbly to jump in a taxi and ask the driver to take me to the nearest A&E.


26 thoughts on “I Am Nervy-Wervy This Morning”

    1. Thanks Paula…I try to be balanced. My body dictates to me a lot of the time especially with regards to the need for sleep. The situation after my injuries is frustrating – for it to still be causing me problems almost seven years later is very annoying! But it is what it is, and I don’t want to be a grumbler.

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    1. I love it when Jack is more sensible than I am. I think with regards to the consequences of the injuries I received almost seven years ago, sometimes frustration gets the better of me and I may perhaps forget to be sensible.


    1. I cooperated with him…we had our trek to hospital, made less painful by taking work along with us so that it the time was not wasted. But the outcome was just as expected. Jack is less anxious though now, so the trip was worth it. I was not going to let him wrap me up in cotton wool and bubble wrap.

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    1. I wish it was just a case of needing time off. I am looking forward to a change of scene in the next couple of month – two days off paid work during the jubilee week mean two days extra unpaid work – which is wonderful. Also in June/July I will have two weeks off paid work, which means I can conduct my royal tour of Snowdonia and the North West of England (including some time in the Lakes) – seeing family. We have the big family summer-fest too….which is so exciting. First time since the Pandemic the entire tribe will be together.

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    1. Thank you Gentleman Dave – the achy head seems be refusing to budge, but I think I am doing rather well at not letting it cramp my style. Don’t be too concerned…seven years ago I was told it was a miracle I had survived…living life with appreciation rather than anxiety is definitely working better for me. I do take the take care advice seriously though – no risk sports for me.

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  1. Jack is right. You do tend to push yourself or at least that is how it comes across in your blogs. It is okay to put yourself in a cab like he says or even to not go into work. Your well being is more important. And you tend to heal faster. At least that is what I have found to be the case. Please take it easy. I love reading your blogs. It is like sitting down with a good friend and a cup of coffee. Or tea. Have a good day Mel and please take care. πŸ™‚

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    1. That three word sentence is one that Jack will remember you forever for. I like to pack a lot into each day…but that includes lots of sleep, which I know my brain depends on.


      1. I am so sorry Mel that I will be that contentious thorn in your side. I had a brief glimpse in my mind of the two of you as an elderly couple sitting having tea or coffee (something warm) content with one another and Jack looks over and says ‘Remember that day that you saw in writing that I was right? Best day of my life. (Obviously not but the humor of it)
        I am so happy for you Mel. Your happiness flows through the words you write. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

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        1. The thought of Jack and me as an elderly couple has enormous comedy potential.

          Thank you Jay-lyn for your lovely words. I feel like writing on WordPress is just like sitting down with a cuppa and a friend and sharing things on my mind. I think that like many others, I find that very beneficial and enjoyable. Since I started blogging, I noticed that whenever I mentioned something on the dramatic side in my life, it provoked concerned comments from other bloggers, which is so sweet, but I never wanted to give the impression I was grumbling. These little dramas have just been a part and parcel of my life, and genuinely I try not to let them diminish my joy.

          I have been genuinely nervous about taking on the London commute after having recent black outs. The thought of it happening at a busy train station is quite daunting. But until someone finally works out a way to get me to work via that Star Trek beaming technology, I have to brave the crowded public transport hubs in this chocka city. I have no doubt that there are plenty of staff trained to deal with medical situations. I carry a directive in my purse which would help them give accurate information to medical professionals if they did resort to calling an ambulance. But still, there is something that makes me feel ever so slightly vulnerable about taking on the commute when I am not sure if my brain is going to remember to keep on communicating with my heart or take an impromptu siesta.


  2. Headaches are horrible and definitely need checked out sometimes, I am assuming this is why you are going to the hospital? I read the hospital post before this one and was like Wait, I missed something. LOL! I hope that everything goes OK at the hospital. Glad you went! Take Care!

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    1. Thank you…yes, headaches are bullies. I received some severe injuries almost seven years ago, and have had experiences with severe headaches and blackouts since then. I have had regular visits to hospital and I think Doctors are as frustrated as I am that they cannot promise me this situation will go away. I try to be balanced – no risk sports, plenty of sleep, but making sure I live a full and purposeful life. Every moment is precious.

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      1. So sorry at what you been through and how you continue to suffer from headaches and blackouts! Has to be so frustrating and worrisome, but you keep going. Keep making the most of every moment and I think that is awesome! ❀


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