I Am Nervy-Wervy This Morning

I am nervous….perhaps more than nervous…perhaps scaredy-waredy. My head – it feels like there is a percussion ensemble inside my skull bellowing around.

I don’t understand what has kicked off these headaches – but the blancmange within my bony skull is clearly being pummelled in some way. Only it is all on the right side…the side where I received most of my injuries.

Side-splitting ache. Hard to think. Hard to drink. Hard to eat. Hard to walk. How do I get myself to work in one piece?

Photo by Pierre Blachu00e9 on Pexels.com

The reason I am nervous is having to undertake the great London commute. I don’t understand why I am still going into the office so much. I feel like such a mug.

Aaah – I need to get myself moving. Jack keeps on telling me not to be a martyr, or if I feel wobbly to jump in a taxi and ask the driver to take me to the nearest A&E.