Soup-er Special

I had some time to myself on Tuesday afternoon to finish my ironing, have a basic clean around the nest (it was fairly neat and clean, but I made it immaculate) and to make myself a batch of lovely soup.

Next to ironing, making soup is probably the most therapeutic and satisfying of all my household tasks. I enjoy it because I can pack in so many vegetables and it will be so easy to heat up when I am too tired to cook.

Soup is a wondrous thing…and making soup is a special way to spend an hour on a Tuesday afternoon before the final of MasterChef Australia.

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5 thoughts on “Soup-er Special”

  1. I like making soup. Sometimes a little complicated, like pasta Faggioli, and other times it’s quick and dirty, like chicken noodle. It’s a great way to save a bit of money, too.
    Ironing is nothing like my favorite household task but I feel like a real slob if I step out in wrinkled clothes.
    OK so here’s what I really want to know: I lived in the UK when I was a kid and I know a fair bit of British slang, but I wouldn’t know a wally if I saw one. This makes me think you may live in Australia. I live in the USA and my passport is expired, so you can answer this question with complete confidence that I won’t be dropping in for a bowl of soup.


    1. My Mumma’s family are Australian. But I have grown up in the north of England, and I have heard that expression “wally” since childhood. I have visited the US….and had a very memorable experience. I think I have a post in my drafts folder about the adventures we had in the USA, but I have never finished it off.


    1. In the wintertime, I make a different soup every weekend for Jack and me to enjoy – and it is so lovely. Summer is more about salads, but I have found some nice recipes for soup recently that had a summery feeling about them,

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