Epic Packing Fail

When I stay over at Jack’s, I need to pack myself a little overnight bag. I don’t leave any of my personal clothes in Jack’s rooms. (He has four male housemates and a housekeeper goes in…so I prefer not to leave anything of mine around – except my favourite mug.)

Last time I stayed over…I somehow forgot to pack any fresh clothes into my overnight bag. I had just packed underwear, my toiletries bag, and pyjamas because it was my time of the month.

Jack said he did not mind if I went clothes-less while we were working together. Instead I resorted to wearing the same clothes…and throwing my blouse into the washing machine and then tumble drier with the boys laundry – which has left my blouse an odd colour.

But we had to go out on Sunday and I was worried about the impression I would make. Jack said to me, “Why don’t you wear your sparkly dress?”

Photo by u042eu043bu0438u0430u043du0430 u041cu0430u0440u0438u043du0438u043du0430 on Pexels.com

Cue my completely blank face. It turned out that a dress I have not worn for months was hanging up in Jack’s closet, obscured by white plastic. Jack had taken it to the same dry-cleaners he uses. I think I remember an event last autumn before we had another lock-down. I had forgotten all about that dress. It is a charity shop designer bargain.

But boy is it sparkly!! So as it was clean, on it went and I felt like a right wally on Sunday when I was over-dressed. I think it was better than being under-dressed. But my goodness…have I learnt my lesson after my epic packing failure.