The Romance Between An Insta-Addict And A Wordy-Presser

Jack is at it again. I cooked some nice things, and baked some even nicer things over the weekend because some good friends of ours came over to work with us. I made some pretty decent nosh. All ate and enjoyed and as the chef/baker it was a very satisfying experience.

But then it all became rather weird when my sister texted me to say that the cake I had baked looked amazing. I was confused for a while…and then I realized….


He just cannot help himself. He had taken photographs of the food I had prepared and posted it on to his Instagram account.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

As somebody who does not use Instagram or other social media platforms, I find that just completely bizarre. How do I feel that Jack’s hundreds of thousands of followers can see my cooking/baking? I am glad that he made no mention of me. He just posted the photos on their own. But still….

We had a little chat about it in the evening and I did tell him that I just find it odd. I might not find it as odd if it was on a smaller scale – like a private group on WhatsApp or something. But no, his public Instagram account. Jack asked me why I share my thoughts on WordPress. I confessed there is some kind of satisfaction from putting things out there, even though it is mostly complete strangers who see what I have to share. Jack said that sharing my innermost thoughts in the public domain is much odder than sharing photos of cake and dinner with strangers.

He has a very good point. Which is why I should listen to him and be reasonable. He enjoys communicating with people who are interested in his activities. A lot of what he posts is very positive – community, national and international projects he is involved in. He shares things he knows will make other people smile and feel good. He finds that satisfying. He has lots of feedback – way more than I or any other blogger receive through WordPress. He enjoys all of that.

The two of us have different opinions and feelings about social media – but I need to respect and love him because he has found a positive way to use it. Even though I may not really like the idea that all those strangers saw my cooking/baking….I love that Jack felt so proud of what I had made he wanted to share it. I perhaps ought to be flattered that by the end of the day there were tens of thousands of likes on the image of the cake I baked.

I have a very strong dislike of social media….but I do love Jack who seems to enjoy social media in a way I find odd…but he loves me even though he finds it odd that I enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings on WordPress in a way that he finds odd.

The answer is – it must be love, love, love.

18 thoughts on “The Romance Between An Insta-Addict And A Wordy-Presser”

    1. Perhaps that is the main difference. The anonymity is something so important to me, and I feel relaxed enough to share some of my inner thoughts and feelings. Whereas what Jack does is so different – people know his name and face. He does take care to make sure that what he posts is positive and upbuilding, and I respect him for the way he uses social media. I am still very intimidated by social media though after the trouble it cause me in the past.

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  1. I think I feel the same as you and steer away from social media but love musing on WordPress. I can understand that. Tell me one thing. Who is Jack? I feel everyone else knows and I missed something somewhere 🥺


    1. Jack’s adventures in the kitchen are more like a horror movie rather than anything that could be described as positive and upbuilding. 😀

      He is sitting next to me so I am saying that to tease him. He makes some very delicious breakfasts for us, and he is very good at making a sort of spicy stew – the kind of thing he ate a lot of during trips to Africa.

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    1. See the kind of riffraff Jack’s Instagram attracts! 😀

      I well send you foodie photos any time you want to see what we are munching. We miss you Bubba. Give your parents a tight squeeze from us.

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