Could I Have That In Writing Please?

Is it just me – or is it becoming more difficult to communicate through written means? I don’t have any issues with writing….but I seem to find others having difficulty understanding.

There could be so many reasons for that, and I appreciate that if somebody finds reading challenging, then a lengthy email might dismay them.

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But recently, I have found repeated occasions when somebody has either misread, misunderstood or reacted badly. I sent a very polite and warm email to somebody who worked for a different company asking them to provide some information we needed. The reaction I received was slightly frightening. Maybe that person was just having a bad day.


I guess the challenge for me is that the reading and writing are my preferred method of communicating. I find it easier to make sure the information I convey is accurate. Likewise, I find it much easier to read as a means to learning. Sometimes, when people say something to me, it does not make any sense. If I can read it…I can compensate for any language difficulties.


Times have changed. Half of internal communications seem to be made up of emojis and gifs. I think there is a lot less effort put into written forms of communication – and although there may be some valid reasons for that change – I am actually finding it quite challenging.

13 thoughts on “Could I Have That In Writing Please?”

  1. I feel exactly the same as you. I prefer face to face communication rather than the phone and written information for communication with people not in my locality. I will send a long message and get a sentence back off some people. I guess it depends greatly on a person’s level of education.

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    1. And I try to remind myself that some may really find written communication challenging. I worked for a long time teaching adults to read, and also helping to develop teaching techniques to accommodate all learning abilities/preferences. So I do realize I should not be unreasonable on this. But it’s really strange to see how much potential for miscommunication/misunderstanding there is now via written messages. I think I need how to use emojis and gifs to make sure I am understood.

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    1. It is fascinating to me Gentleman Dave – I was never so aware of the different abilities people possess when it comes to reading and writing. I think I need to find the right balance to make sure that I find the right medium to communicate. I wonder if there is a dictionary of emojis out there.

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  2. I think you can sum it up by saying there are problems in communicating in general. Most people have a real short attention span these days. people are to wrapped up in themselves and don’t take time to get to really know others any more.

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    1. I am sometimes slightly staggered by the chasm that seems to exist in thought patterns. I mentioned to a colleague the other day that when I was 17 my manager ordered me to tell a blatant lie to deceive a supplier and I refused to…leading to a very awkward situation and being threatened with losing my job if I was not willing to lie. My colleague seemed to think I should have done what my manager asked and lied. I was bewildered.

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