Before I Die…

I was so choked up watching Deborah James being interviewed on the BBC about her Bowelbabe fundraising for cancer research.

She is one incredible lady.

I was blown away by her using those three words in the title of this post several times. I am just in awe of her. Such purpose, such motivation, such dynamism – my heart was swelling with pride for her.

Already this year, I have lost three friends to cancer. Two of them were in their thirties. I heard them use those same three words “before I die”…when talking about things that were deeply important to them.

I am moved because I have seen both Deborah and my three dear friends show such bravery.

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During this same period, three of my relatives were told their cancer is in remission. While I worked for the NHS, we had so many patients who were diagnosed with various forms of cancer, had surgical internventions and medications, and other treatments – and we have seen the emotional rollercoaster they and their loved ones went through.

Oh…I just have an achy heart thinking about it all.

4 thoughts on “Before I Die…”

  1. My father died of cancer, badly. My mother and one of my sisters each lost a breast to it and my younger sister had a malignant tumor on her lung, but was lucky enough to catch it early. We’ve all taken a few laps on that roller coaster, so believe me, I’m feeling you. I’m going to follow you, without any expectation that you will do the same. My blog’s not for everybody, sometimes it’s not even for me. Good post and an enjoyable chat on Rivergirl’s page. See you soon.

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    1. Aaaaw thanks you Kenny. I worked in cancer care for many years. I am really moved by the attitude and bravery of Dame Deborah James. She is one amazing woman.


      1. You hear about that stiff upper lip a lot, but it’s not the same as seeing it in person. Nothing in this world moves me like the indomitable spirit of a courageous person. I hope to face my own end, however it comes, with that kind of courage. Until then, my salute to these people, the ones I know and the ones I don’t, is “May we all do so well.” Thank you for this.


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