Before I Die…

I was so choked up watching Deborah James being interviewed on the BBC about her Bowelbabe fundraising for cancer research.

She is one incredible lady.

I was blown away by her using those three words in the title of this post several times. I am just in awe of her. Such purpose, such motivation, such dynamism – my heart was swelling with pride for her.

Already this year, I have lost three friends to cancer. Two of them were in their thirties. I heard them use those same three words “before I die”…when talking about things that were deeply important to them.

I am moved because I have seen both Deborah and my three dear friends show such bravery.

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During this same period, three of my relatives were told their cancer is in remission. While I worked for the NHS, we had so many patients who were diagnosed with various forms of cancer, had surgical internventions and medications, and other treatments – and we have seen the emotional rollercoaster they and their loved ones went through.

Oh…I just have an achy heart thinking about it all.