Right…Let’s Clear Up This Party Nonsense

I am sick to the back teeth of endless coverage in news broadcasts about parties, kormas, fines, potential resignations. Can we please clear this up and move on? Please?

Yes – I totally understand why it upset some people to the core. Missing the funeral of their loved ones because of covid rules must have been deeply distressing. So yes, I understand the anger upon the revelations of those involved with making the rules breaking them. I do get that. But following the rules on social distancing and face masks etc was a protection to many many people.

But this has been dragging on for too long. Too too long.

Can we draw a line at this – whichever fool(s) was/were wheeling a suitcase of booze into Number 10 should be sacked – blatantly disrespectful – out they go. Maybe they already have been sacked – I don’t know. (I actually have a personal story about how I was roped into filling a suitcase with booze and wheeling it into a building of national importance, but this was many years before the Pandemic.) Those who broke the rules should pay their fines – probably increased fines to reflect that they really have caused a lot of upset. Those who lied about breaking the rules – well I am sorry, but when was a politician lying something unusual?

Photo by Saveurs Secretes on Pexels.com

I am not going to take political sides – none of them are going to be in positions of authority soon. But they will not be judged on whether they enjoyed a pre-meditated korma or were the innocent and unsuspecting victims of a surprise birthday bash – they will be judged and held accountable for other decisions and attitudes. They will soon be gone.

There are other newsworthy events – far more significant that what is already obvious – that integrity is missing from those in authority – but we knew this already – that is has been the case for a very long time.