Here Is The Plan:

I am going to try something different this week – at least one extra hour of sleep each night.

I had to have late afternoon naps three times in ten days, and still ended up passed out on the pavement one afternoon. Yes, it is pretty clear something is going on between these ears of mine that is not quite right. When I am like this, it is quite scary leaving the house so early to join the great London rush hour commute. What would happen of I blacked out in the middle of a busy London station?

I really need to make more of the dark…by being asleep.

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Recently, I have been coming home from working and making a bite to eat and watching an episode of Masterchef Australia. But I also need to shower and make my lunch for the following day. So…this week, I am going to skip the television and just try to get into bed as early as possible.

Let’s see if we can get through a week without having a black-out. My brain keeps on telling me that it needs to sleep for a week to recover from an overload of input it is having to compute recently.