Tempted By A Chick Flick

I never watched “Downton Abbey” when it was broadcast on television. I didn’t have a television for at least ten years so I missed a lot of the programs that people talk about. I did see some of the episodes at my sister Mandy’s home – she had bought a DVD of the first series.

But the other day I saw a review of the new “Downton Abbey” and I was actually very tempted to go along to see it. One of my friends has invited me to join her and a few of the gals for an early dinner and a jaunt to the cinema and I am seriously thinking about it (but in truth it is unlikely I will be able to squeeze it into my schedule).

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

If I did go…it would be the first time in about three years I have stepped foot in a cinema. That might not seem very significant – the Pandemic may have disrupted the cinema attending habits of a lot of people.

It’s not just that though. Going to the cinema (even creeping in during the adverts when it is dark) is a bit of a risk when you are on the arm of a household name. Yes, I am blaming Jack for my avoidance of the cinema.

If I had time…which in all truth I just don’t…I would probably enjoy this Downton Abbey film (would it matter I didn’t watch the series?) with a group of female friends.