Apparently, They Were Desperate

I have not been receiving construction related assignments since the injuries I received when I was attacked.

So imagine my confusion when I came home from the desk job (cage) and found a message on my answer phone to ask me to stand in at the last minuted on a project that I know has been taking place lately (because I am helping with the pen-pushing side of coordinating it).

I called Jack straight away to tell him. He asked me to stall replying before he had been in contact with the man who had left me the message.

He called me back when I was all tucked up in bed and told me that due to illness, the team they had in place had pulled out at the last minute. They can always find unskilled volunteers who are eager to learn, but they need someone with skills and experience to train and supervise etc.

They went through the database of volunteers….and at short notice could not find anyone who could step in today. Then they saw my name – with a note about my health situation (shame) but they asked someone who knows me very well (not sure why they did not ask Jack instead) and he said, “I think it is about time we get her back on to sites”.

Photo by Rodolfo Quiru00f3s on

Jack had a discussion very late last night and when I woke up this morning there was a text from him to say…”If you are happy to do it, they would like you to be on site to look after the team.” I am not allowed to work at height. Jack wants me to wear cotton wool and bubble wrap so there is no possibility of me being injured.

But I am going to be back in the environment that makes me happiest.