None Of This Would Be Possible Without Caffeine

Yes….it is one of those weeks!! Not enough sleep. Working overtime for free every single day of my new job and now working at least a couple of hours in the evening too.

I am so glad it is Friday. None of what has occured this week would have been possible without the strong coffee that the Italians taught me to rely on.

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4 thoughts on “None Of This Would Be Possible Without Caffeine”

  1. It’s been a caffeinated week for me, too! Had to get a paper done for a class I’m taking – 19 pages in three days. (Okay, two pages were images, but still!) I was two marks shy of full marks. Just doing self-care the rest of the week as I wrangle preschoolers by day and read/surf the ‘Net at night. Glad your job is humming along, but here’s to some rest and relaxation for you soon!

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