A Volunteer’s Work Is Never Done

Should I be coming home from paid work, and logging on to compose emails I did not have time to send during the day because there was so much other work to do?


It’s is hard to switch off the volunteer spirit sometimes….the go the extra mile attitude….it is not supposed to be for the corporate world.

I just see how hard other team mates are working, and feel I want to make life easier for them by doing that extra bit to help out. But there are reasons why I should not do that. I know that.

Once, I was telling Jack how exhausted I was and at the time I was in my NHS role, and doing extra unpaid work to support the team. Jack was listening, but he pulled out a lipstick from my make-up bag (which is pretty redundant these days) and used the lipstick to write the word MUG on my forehead!

I am feeling like that tonight!!

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